2060 Front 2060 Rear

2060 Stereo Power Amplifier:

“This is simply the most neutral, transparent amplification I have ever
experienced. It is disconcertingly, disquietingly, NOT THERE. There are such
enormous reserves of current and bandwidth that the stuff cannot even be forced
into misbehavior to generate some kind of ‘sound’. If it craps out, it's because the
AC weenied, not because you actually challenged the equipment into clipping.

…the 2060 stereo power amplifier defines high fidelity. No color, no grain, no
texture of any kind, no compression, no chill, no warmth, no limitations, no
compromises. Nothing heightened, nothing obscured...this is not a straight wire
with gain; this bloody stuff is stealth stereo; it just isn't there.”

You might be able to build an amplifier with experience alone. But never
a Boulder—and especially not a 2060. That takes much more: engineers
who are dedicated to the development of the very finest audio
electronics right from the start. Whose passion is sound quality above all
else. Engineers who firmly oppose any form of compromise because
Boulders should always be truly special. They always have been and
always will be. Because a very different mindset makes Boulders unique.
We understand the contrast between technical vision and creative

It’s in these apparent contradictions where the 2060 came to life: guided
by our heritage, the 2060 Class A Stereo Amplifier was realized. It
combines phenomenal power, class-leading specifications and
contemporary design with meticulous hand-craftsmanship at the high
point of Boulder tradition. It is both incredibly powerful at 600 watts per
channel and visibly charming by way of its attractive and modern
monolithic design.

The key performance data is assured. Muscular enough to thunder its
way through massive dynamic swings with unflappable poise and
resolving enough to separate every breath, instrument and texture with
absolute clarity, the 2060 derives its core abilities from a thoroughly
uncompromising design: the 993 gain modules, encased and potted
transformers, eighty clamped output devices, forty-eight distributed supply
capacitors, automatic load-sensing full Class A biasing, noise-free
balanced input buffering, exhaustive mechanical resonance damping,
intelligent power up and protection circuits, monitoring and control via
Boulder Link…the list goes on. Everything that’s crucial for the ultimate in
stereo amplification is here.

Our approach to development is uncompromising, as usual, but so are
the sonic results. The objective, after all, is the perfect reproduction of a
recorded event, the conversion of an electrical signal into a musical
performance worthy of applause.

The 2060 Stereo Power Amplifier. Developed without compromises so that
you don't have to make any. And when you hear it, perhaps for the first
time you’ll understand how different an experience that really is.


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